Survival & Creative Minecraft Server


1. No asking for staff positions, Don't call us, we call you.

2. No griefing, breaking anything that is man-made without permission from the  creator or senior staff will result in a ban.

3. No raging/obsessive swearing.

4. Be mature


5. PvP is allowed, but no camping (exeptions see faction rules)

6. The survival world is 100 legit, no items will be spawned 

7. Flight is only allowed in the creative world

8. No advertising other websites or servers

9. Stealing is allowed from unprotected chests/furnaces/dispensers, farms may be harvested & trampled

10. The survival world is Survival Roleplay, expect Survival and Roleplay

11. Do not build random structures, including 1x1 towers and holes, do not leave floating tree blobs.

12. Building code: all structures in the survival world must fit in a fantasy world

13. If you don't think something is allowed, it probably isn't. 


Faction gameplay

PvP & raiding in the Wilderness.


Anyone may raid/kill/rob anyone in the wilderness.

Grief of structures is not allowed, but you are allowed to:


  • Harvest & trample farms
  • Cut down tree farms
  • Steal torches
  • Plunder open chests, furnaces and dispencers
  • Infiltrate a structure by breaking a few blocks, if you immediately repair the damage behind you with the correct material.



You may most certainly NOT:


  • Break circuits, mechanics or gardens.
  • Break any structure.