Survival & Creative Minecraft Server

EonCraft Command Reference

1. Welcome to EonCraft

2. Getting building acces

3. Common Commands

4. Creative Commands

5. Roleplay - Factions

6. Background story 

1. Welcome to EonCraft

Welcome to EonCraft, a Minecraft Survival and Creative server.

 You will spawn in the Survival world as a refugee from the old 1.7 world (whick came to an apocaliptic end). There is no preset story but you are encouraged to create your own legends!

The creative world has no story, but only the goal of building pretty things. 

2. Getting building access

Follow the instructions on the 'join us' page, make sure you have read the rules.

4. Creative commands

The Creative world uses Minecraft build in creative mode, no commands are needed anymore.

5. Roleplay; Factions, Races and Skills

The Survival world has a faction system, it will allow you to create, join and leave factions, declare war, form alliances etc.

Induvidual players can choose races or skills for themselves, which will add abilities that will make experience count. 


5.1 Factions 

You can create a faction if you gather a minimum of 4 people, contact one of the Owners (Mat or Ortwin) to create your faction and become a Leader.


/f help - see a list of all faction commands 

/f list - list all availeble factions 

/f show [faction name] - show detailed information about a faction 

/f join [faciton name] - join a faction

/f leave - leave your faction

/f chat OR /f c - rotate between faction chat, alliance chat, and normal chat

/f map - see a territory map of your surroundings


For leaders:

/f tag [new tag] - change your factions name tag

/f desc [text] - change your factions description 

/f [open|close] - toggle your faction joining procedure to be open or closed (invitation only)

/f invite [player] - invite a player to join your faction

/f kick [player] - kick someone out of your faction

/f mod [player] - make one of your members a 'faction moderator', a sort of officer

/f admin [player] - make someone else the faction leader (you will demote yourself to mod) 



Every player has a power level 




3. Common Commands

All members of EonCraft wil be able to use the following commands & functions.

Note: all commands use a syntax' like this:

/command [required variable] <optional variable>


3.1 Basic commands

/spawn - Will teleport you to spawn, costs 75 gold pieces 


/sethome - Will set your home location

/home - Will teleport you to your home, costs 100 gold pieces 


/msg [name] - send a private message to that player

/r - reply to the last person you sent a message to, or recieved one from. 


/getpos - check your coordinates


3.2 Economy & Money

 /money - check how much money you have

/money pay [player] [amount] - pay someone

/money help - see all availeble commands


/shop help - see all availeble shop commands

/shop browse - browse a shops inventory if you are in one 

/shop [buy|sell] [item name] [amount] - buy or sell something to/from a shop


/shop select - enable shop area selection

/shop create [shop name] - create a shop in the area you selected, costs 1000 gold pieces


 3.3 Chest locking

  You can lock a chest by rightclicking it with a sign [beware, this method of protection will STOP functioning the 28th of october!]


 You can protect your possessions by using a 'protection block' (a sponge). These can be bought at the shop near spawn, for 2500 gold pieces a piece.

If you place this block it will protect a 3x3x3 area, only you will be able to break/place blocks inside that area, or use chests. 


Settlers can use a maximum of 1 of these protections, citizens can use 2, faction leaders and staff can use 3.

/ps allow [player] - allow another player access to your protected region

/ps remove [player] - remove somone from the allowed players list

/ps removeall - clears allow-list, you will be the only one with access 

EonCraft Command Reference