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So if anyone still checks the forums.. I wanted to share an ad of the new Morphcraft with you guys! It looks really nice so I just wanted to try to resparked your interest.. Here you are!


Welcome to

MorphCraft RPG!


24/7, 40 Slot Minecraft Server

IP Address: morphcraft.zapto.org



Notice: This server requires a whitelist (but it's worth it). Submit your application in designated section! Go to www.morphcraftrpg.webs.com for more information and the forum.

Before you read on, please refer to each of the links listed below.

MorphCraft Official Site


Helpful Server Information

MorphCraft RPG is a Multiworld Minecraft server dedicated to giving YOU the best experience possible! With 100% uptime, and a medium sized 40 slot server, we guarantee you a great experience! Read on to learn more about our system!


Protection: Our friendly, dedicated staff team and our powerful Anti-grief and Anti-hack plugins ensure you a safe, worry-free adventure. The moderators and administrators commit themselves for hours every day to watch every action closely, guaranteeing you a great playing environment. Because of its medium size and active players, we get to know each person in particular personally.


Worlds: This server not only has a survival world chock full of roleplay and lore (100% legit world), but also a creative world known as the Projects world where everyone has the ability to spawn items and create their own imaginative builds. In addition to the survival and projects world, a battlegrounds world is accessible via our War plugin where you can play on several unique maps in game modes that include Team Deatchmatch and Capture the Flag.


Roleplay: When you first join us on your adventure, you will be given the option to join one of our three main cities/classes: Avalon, Greenville, and Laketown. They are a trio of civilizations that were once prosperous and wealthy. At one point in early history, a drought overcame the lands. This forced the citizens of Greenville to stop producing farming goods. As trading slowed between Greenville and the other two great cities, the three slowly deteriorated into small communities that still rely on each other for what little goods they can produce. As for now, they try to rebuild the ancient structures that were once flourishing. The great underground civilization of the Ésśe Môntem (mountain beings) created a giant subterranean fortess, Avalon. It specializes in the skills of swordsmanship, mining, unarmed and repair, while Greenville, the pride of the Lîgńum Inolèntium (tree dwellers) focuses on archery, acrobatics, herbalism and excavation. The most proper and most complex of the three great nations is known as Laketown. Created by the Domîni De Terrà (masters of the land), it is known for fishing, taming, woodcutting and axes. The three civilizations are closely allied and trade with each other frequently. They rely on each other's goods and services for their own survival. Only the players can affect the path of the three cities' future alliance. In addition to the three main cities, an assassins guild has been formed. These bloodthirsty killers take requests to assassinate anyone for a reward. To read more about subraces, visit this link: Official Subraces Page


Special Plugins: Incorporated into the server are several plugins that add to role play and just pure enjoyment. The War plugin allows you to play with any of your friends in an intense battle in an arena of your choice. You may also choose which gamemode to play in. These include Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. All battles are free of charge. Our assassins plugin allows you to contact the assassins guild and put up a death contract on someone for a reward. Also included is a popular and commonly sought for plugin: Mcmmo. This allows players to rank up their skill level in their designated classes (for example, people in Avalon could only rank up swords, mining, unarmed and repair). Leveling up your skills gives you special bonuses such as increased attack damage, chances of special attacks, and special short lasting spurts of instant mining.

Mumble Server: As well as the Minecraft server, the members of MorphCraft RPG have set up a server that you can connect to via Mumble. If you have an account, and would like to join a call while playing Minecraft with us, please notify the staff team so that we may provide you with information on how to connect. It is a fun and simple way to chat with your fellow MorphCrafters!

Please enjoy your stay at Morphcraft RPG server!


To apply for a whitelist, click the link below.

Whitelist Application Template

Staff Team Contact Information:

Server Co-Owner's email address: [email protected] Skype Username: morpheel_the_kitten_slayer

Staff Team Member #1's email address: [email protected] Skype Username: dmgadelha

Staff Team Member #2's email address: [email protected] Skype Username: basagoitiam

Staff Team Member #3's email address: [email protected] Skype Username: nitemare240




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Okay I'll admit it... I just want my 100th post. So here it is!! Revel in its beauty!!!



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Its so beautiful! :D


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Hey! Please read this:


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