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While I hate to see eoncraft go I hate hate trying to find good sevrers like eoncraft more(takes forever to find a good server) please post the ip of any server we can find you on here so we can stay in touch.

Me and fiter have joined the savagerealms rpg server(ip = play.savagerpg.net) The server has quests,random events,classes and a pvp world. When you first join do some quests and try to make money for a teir 2 pvp class they can really help you.

me and fiter have definetly had some funny things happen to us on savage. I ended up fighting a donator who had gotten a super jump perk. I had bought the scout class for 8,500 gold and had the same perk + a speed boost. Scout takes no fall damage the donator took fall damage. I managed to keep him out of range while he slowly killed himself from fall damage and then took his diamonds.

Fitermon managed to get a player with tons of diamond to purposely jump in lava. Fiter and another player were stuck in an eventroom after it closed with /spawn being the only way out. fiter realized this put the other player didnt. The other player asked fiter how to get out and fiter said he had to kill himself to leave. The other player jumped in lava and fiter got a godd portion of his stuff when he died and then tped out.

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I see you haven't changed a bit ^^

Shame to see Ort and Matt stopped playing Minecraft, I promised I would show them my server when it was online ... Hello Matt, Ort ?

I don't know how many people still check the forums but my server will be up in a week or 2 weeks and it's open for anyone I know.

You need to know that I made it with many friends and it belongs to my Community, wich is Dutch.

But don't cry, we wanted to put it online for anyone.

I don't know what sort of server you all want but this one would be with around 20-30 active players, it doesn't have that many plugins as Eoncraft had but it has the basic.

Our big ideas are: 1 big protected square (Spawn), with the Castle and a Village next to it. Here you can buy a safe plot inside or outside the Castle, and you can buy a small Shop (You can sell or buy with ChestShop, signs)

Then after some big Region you can build and do what ever you want, this however is un protected, anyone could steal. We are still discussing the Griefing outside the Safe Region but we think we are going to allow this up to a certain point. This makes the Safe Plots more usefull and it's a bigger challenge to live outside this Region.

We also added McMMO, it is essential if you want to keep your Member happy. So we decided to add Guilds.

We also added some secret Jump Quests in the Castle with Rewards and outside, we are also planning on adding as many Events as possible.

You can always come check out the server, or have a peak on the DynamicMap

It is hosted on my computer and my Internet (French Internet) so if you come visit it will probably lagg a bit.

Well I hope you liked the things you heard and you can always come and have a peak.

I hope you all find your way to some good server but remember Matt and Ort are always Random, they could start playing again !

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I have found another server that is enjoyable, and so far I have only given one person from this server the ip... Not sure yet if I will give it to the rest of you though (that server owner told me that he doesn't want another community that is only working together on their own, I can't really blame him). For those Rismack people, it actually reminds me a bit of that server. If you really want to come with me, message me to get the ip. It is legit but staff and donators get other powers, and they are really friendly and live in towns :D 



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^ I'm the 'one person' lol. Anyways yeah it does remind me of Rismack but just a bit bigger. The community is nice and so is the staff :D


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Scep, Moose, Tierney and I made our own server if anyones interseted

Just to keep intouch, chat and build whatever

Were working on getting it hosted somewhere else so that we can have more people on

(also, drinking milk gets you drunk)

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Sorry if anyone tried to connect, my IP changes every day and I am still hosting it on my own computer for 1 week.

So if no one can find a server just tell me.

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