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Dear members, players and above all: friends,

With pain in my heart I hereby announce that effective immediately I retire from active duty as admin of EonCraft.

I will continue to be a sponsor for 50% of the server costs, and I technically continue to be co-owner.

From this point Matt has full authority over all server and website buisiness.

Q: Why Ort WHY???

A: I can not, and should not continue to keep kidding myself and betraying you with empty promises. I love Minecraft, if I were ranking games it would be #1 for the freedom and unlimited potential it offers. But all those possibilities mean shit if one does not have the inspiration/motivation to actually play.

I have visited the server a few times, (usually mid-week mornings), and I could not think of any thing I felt inspired to do. This obviously also effects my will and motivation for admin buisiness. I stay up to date on MC news, and really love its development, but even the latests snapshots can not hold my attention for more than a few minutes.

This 'stalemate' situation is conflicting with Matts activities and ability to decide upon necessary changes, since I am not around to confer with as co-owner. This has obviously effected our number of players, and their activity as well (a server can't run with handicapped leadership).

EonCraft (not the machine, YOU, its community) deserve the full attention of motivated leadership. In my current situation, I can not give you that.

Therefore it is best that I resignate my active function, and let you and Matt free to steer EonCraft back on course.

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It seems appropriate I am the first to comment,  You will be sadly missed Ort by me and everyone else. If you do chose to return at some point it will be to a lot of new faces and a much more interactive enviroment.


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I don't really know what to say. Ort you are a great guy and I don't know what's going on IRL for you, but I know it is more important than any game. Thank you for bringing EonCraft this far, I know Matt will do well too. It's a shame that this is happening, but you have to do what you have to do. Bye Ort! :'(



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sad to see ya go Ort... we'll get it back on the tracks, and if one day ya feel like paying us a visit, you'll be more than welcome... we'll even have a party!... I'll murder all of Prussians chickens to make food.. and steal his eggs for the cake.


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Morpheel the Wise
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I hope this is not goodbye, however if anyone understands, I do. I retired for the exact same reason. Sometimes you just put so much into the server, and then you are left will no inspiration. I left minecraft for quite some time (A few months?), as much as I had loved the community. I soon discovered that all you need is some time off, a break, to regain your inspiration. If you are leaving, I hope to see you soon.


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its a sad sad situation and well get eoncraft full of life once again!


ScArYtHiNgZz - The amazing Eoncraft Administrator

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We will miss you Ort! I will make sure to build epic things so that the server will look a hundred times better than it is now ;) Hopefully we will see you again



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To assure you, this is not a forever farewell, just a matter of honesty towards you about my current capacity to function properly as the admin you all deserve.

Simply 'not playing' was not enough, because the responcibility keeps nagging in the back of my mind. It never leaves you alone, so officially stepping down from active duty (while still continueing support by automated payments) is the best way to be really able to take a break.

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