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The Old Faction Settings

Here are the Old Factions Settings. 3 Main factions were in the world. TheOrder, TheCoalition, and TheEmpire. There were some unoffical factions out there as well. The old settings were that the admins created the main factions, the way to tell whose faction a player was in was by the color of their names, land was only claimed by the Admins, the leaders were chosen by the Admins, no power, and many more.


1) more roleplay

2) a chance to bring back old members

3) Continuing the story line

4) More organised cities/bases

5) Majority of players might like this


1) Less varity

2) Players might not like the idea

3) More dependent to the Admins


This is a follow up from Srking97 & ShootingChimpz


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I do like this idea. :D

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I do like this idea, always did!

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