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Hello, this is probably not the most high-spirited post that there will be, but I want the best for EonCraft, and the best does NOT involve MandM97 (shootingchimpz). Just mere seconds ago, I logged onto the server to play, and there was a well-heated argument between ElkStalker and shootingchimpz, which soon involved everyone, you know how that goes. ElkStalker killed chimpz and raided his base, which of course pissed chimpz off. Jmay was there too, and he was defending chimp. Anyway, shootingchimpz has broken 3 rules: No raging and obsessive swearing; no disrespecting staff; and be mature. I can quote both chimp and jmay right now, as it is still fresh in my mind: "Hey Elk! Why are you abusing your powers?" "Do we want a staff team of PVPing dicks?!" "I can't believe that Ort chose you for staff in the first place!" "Hey Elk! I respect.... that you are a DICK!!!" "FUCK YOU ELK!" "Cry me a river Senza! Stop being a baby!" (this is what jmay said in my defense of Elk's NOT abusing his powers....) and "I have to go now. And FUCK YOU ELK, " "Hey Elk, what was the name of Matt's old server? Oh, TaintedCraft? That is a stupid sounding name, no wonder that's where you come from!" I do not have direct proof of these statements, because I did not take screenshots. (Stupid me) But, I can refer you to Scepting, Srking97, and of course ElkStalker. They were there for the whole conversation and know what I am talking about. This is not a lie! This happened! Do we want this to be what EonCraft is known for: Its raging and immaturity? NO! This is all just because of a raid and a PVP session. It was mostly Mand saying this crap, but Jmay joined in and he was the one that said that he didn't know why Elk was admitted to the staff team in the first place. Jmay later admitted that he didn't even know Ort that well, and he said that it was Matt who did it anyway... All of us jumped on that and that it was a joint decision between the admins. Please ban shootingchimpz, he does not deserve to be on this server and is just a nuisance to the players on it! I advise the admins to read the chat log, to prove my evidence. Again, I want what is best for this server.



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It was bad, over-exaggerated, and could've easily been avoided. It shouldn't have happened, but I think a ban is a bit harsh...If it happens again in the next week or more, i think a ban will certainly be needed, but I don't think it is absolutely necessary yet.



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