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Captain of the Brederode (Dutch Flagship) has returned to the lands of Eoncraft.

The Captain has found a little Port and feels at home.

His ship is broken, his crew is lost.

Land, land beyond his eyes.

He has big plans with this new found Land.

An Ocean infront of his eyes, not touched, not polluted by the hands of men.

An Island will arise from this Ocean and shall bring Wealth to the Captain.

The Port shall burn when the Island has risen from the sea.

Captain soon to be reunited with a crew.

Another Ship the Delfland will join the conquest for the Island.

Men shall fear, Men shall run, Men shall feel !

Crew is needed, Help is wanted !

This song will break your hearth !


De Brit verliest de moed in deze hooge nood. The Briton loses heart in this time of trouble;

De Batavier staat pal in 't aangezicht van de dood. The Batavian stands firm facing Death,

En beukt en scheurt de macht van Engeland aan flenteren. Rips and rams England's might to smithereens.

Het donderend geluid, Sounds of thunder!

De Ruyter, Tromp, Piet Hein verrijzen uit hun graf, De Ruyter, Tromp, Piet Hein rise from the grave,

Uit vrees, dat Neêrlands moed de laatste doodssnik gaf. Fearful Holland's courage had given its last gasp.

Zij komen, zien en gaan gerust weer naar beneden. But seeing all is well go back down below, at ease.

http://kiwi6.com/file/56w0jyf355 (Audio file)

Red => under construction

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