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I connected easily this morning (12:00 pm my time, maybe 7:00 pm UK time), but now it says it is down in the server lobby. Plus, when I try to connect it says "end of stream." Any idea why? Any answer will be appreciated. :)



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I don't know why it was down, but I know it's back up now! If I had time I'd check the logs but I have things to do, SORRY!


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I'm done with the concert.

It went very well, and the hall was stuffed with audience (1500 seats, and a lot of people were standing).

I'm very tired now. so the bad news is that I"m going to sleep now (sorry, just unlucky timing with the 1.2 release and RL stuff).

Good news is that I had a look at the map Matt found for us, and its looks AWESOME.

Bad news is that this particular map has NO ocean near the spawn (and I haven't been able to find one yet), wich is a let down for the huge ships we made, but they can still float in a faily big lake...

Other good news is that our server software got a bunch of updates the past 24 hours, wich levels it up from 'bugged' to 'slightly bugged' :), I bet we will reach 'quite stable' tomorrow evening.

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Well that is great news! And congrats with the concert! :)



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Sweet, sounds great. Congrats with the concert Ort, and I hope that we can see each other soon on the server. I made a small town hall across the lake from Matt's house, and it's not all that impressive, but it will suffice until the update.



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Dissapointed to hear theres no ocean, no problem I guess, I will just make my own Ocean and my own Island in the Ocean :)
Hope the server is up soon because I keep dying from hunger on the test server.
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Sean mac elwain
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SIDER! GET BACK ON THE SERVER I GOT WATERMELONS FOR YOU! Caps lock ... I could write it out again but... 



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What concert???


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