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Tonight the Enderdragon was banished from our server through a painful stab to the face. Yes, the Enderdragon is no more! Mad,head, and nite all went into the end but nite lost everything when he was very quickly pushed off the edge! He left the end for good... Later, Mad and Head had built a very crappy fortification on an obby tower :) and were slicing at it as it charged. This charade went on for (quite) a while, until the dragon had lost 75% of his health, a strange figure appeared over yonder. It was Nite! Arriving late yet again! But then Nite was pushed off yet again! But only off an obby tower! So he ran over to the fortification and climbed it. When this was all happening you know mad and head were just whackin at the dragon like nobody's buisness! Anyway they finally were back together when Nite got one hit on the dragon. But the next hit was the kill. I have no idea who delivered it but I think it was Mad. Anyways the story goes, mad got 33 xp, Nite got 88, and Head got 97. No one at ALL got the shaft there. But Mad kept the egg so I guess alls good! Oh, and Mad mentioned he might sell it for 20K because of its rarity, but probably not. But easy come easy go for Nitemare, for he was swept off the edge.... again..... and lost all 88 xp levels.... It's been reported Mad is going to seal himself away in The End to live in peace. What a crazy night!

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