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A quite uspetting event has occured, elkstalker and sinder have raided our private home up in the mountains, and are continueing to greif our home and talk all of our hard earned supplies, including our unused sponges, iron and diamonds, i think that this it totally un-called for.:mad:

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Mate I have no clue where you got this information it makes me very angry. I have not raided and I intend to never raid anyone, I think you misunderstood because the Kingdom raided my house aswell.

Just to clear something up, they have not griefed anything. If you want more information you should ask one of the two Generals in this attack: OrtwinS or Matt.

Im clean, I never ever left my mines or my own territory.

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Grief = breaking someones stuff (that includes walls or decorative diamond/gold blocks -> not allowed

raid/plunter = taking from open chests, some torches, trample a farm -> allowed, part of roleplay. Go read up the rules.

You said you self you had a sponge... and you put it in an unprotected chest.... sounds to me like you were very sloppy in taking care of your stuff.

The attack I approved (a raid by elk and mat on curly, dumbum someone else) was a pure raid, no blocks were destroyed, only stuff from open chests were taken. (and some bystanders got killed)

If you think you are griefed, ask one of the staff to drop by to check the block logs (every staff member can see those). We do not tolerate grief.

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elkstalker loves to raid, kill him on sight because he may loot your chests!:mad:

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