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Hi all,

Mat and I agree that it will be best to create a new 1.0.0 world, there have been so many changes & updates to the terrain generator that our 1.8 map will not suffice. This is in accordance with the general opinion from the 'New World' topic.

We would like you to suggest seeds for our new map, so we can have an awesome start.

Requirements for a new map:

- Epic view at first sight (know that the exact spawn can be moved around by Mat or me, but we prefer 'The Spawn' to be close to the original spawn, makes the coordinates easier for everyone, if its a really awesome map, I personally dont mind moving the spawn a few hundreds of blocks)

- Diverse terrain, its nicest if there are seas/deserts/forests/mountains/swaps nearby

- Does not have to be realistic landscape, it may be something fantasy-like

- no wacky stuff, like 99% ocean maps, or a big desert with patches of tundra (snow) in it.

How to suggest a seed

Start a single player creative world, insert a seed you think might be cool, or generate one random, fly around and use your intelligence to decide if the map might be worth something, if so write down its major features.

Write your suggestions this way:

Name: (make something up, like 'Ortwins-mountain-seed-1'

Seed: [insert the seed here, its CaPs-SeNsiTive, or use the numirical seed)

Description: (write a short desription, like: This one has some awesome mountains next to sea, plains and forest around it, and a huge desert behind the plains)

Notes: (write down anything special you see, or might envision, like: There is a very cozy bay between the mountains wich would make for a great Spawn city, and there is a big canyon between the plains-desert, the river through the forest would also make for a nice village setting)

If you want, you may upload screenshots to a photo album (and link it here), don't overdo it, use it to highlight certain things from your description or notes.

Please do not post pictures in this thread, it makes the thread slow to load and difficult to read.

Use spaces and punctuation, no-one takes posts like: 'thisis awesum guys checkitout seed is blahshittything really thiz is da best' posts.

You may respond to other peoples suggestions, keep it professional be sure to mention the name & seed. Be sure to have generated/visited the world yourself, dont go about bashing/recommending seeds only from a description.

Ready? GO!

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I always use "Monkey Balls" for everything. It's always epic or atleast I think it is. It has huge mountains at the first view good created forests I checked it in 1.0 and it was still the same I think, I didn't fly so im not 100% sure.

Just try it out the seed is "Monkey Balls". Don't ask me why I tried it but it was the first thing that came up in my head the first time I was trying seeds.

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Sean mac elwain
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Sinder ... I can only wonder why I amn't surprised Monkey Balls was the first thing that came to your head...



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Could we get a good seed and then use mcedit to make it even better?


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