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Morpheel the Wise
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   Most of you are familiar with The Elder Scrolls. I am too, and I recently bought the next game in the series: Skyrim

When I started Skyrim, I had high expectations, however even my expectations were exceeded. I have to say, Skyrim is

probably the best game I have ever played, and I have played many great games. There is so much content, you never

get bored. The graphics are almost amazing, and I own Skyrim for the PC.


The graphics have dramatically increased in Skyrim from the previous games, including Oblivion & Fallout 3. It is SO detailed,

you can actually look down onto a rock and see the ants crawling on it. There are many beautiful places in the game..... too many

to find in one playthrough.


The gameplay has improved greatly. There are new skills, and each skill has its own unique perk tree, simular to World of

Warcraft's talent trees. There is also 3 crafting systems: Enchanting, Smithing, and Alchemy. The crafting is actually useful,

and it is fun to craft new things. Combat has also improved. If you have played fallout before, you will notice that there are

"Critical hits" where your character deliveres a fatal swing of his sword or whatever weapon you play with. There are so

many combat perks, like "Sheild can block arrows" for the Block skill and "Foward power attacks have a chance to decapitate."

for the One Handed weapons skill. The AI in the game is so perfect. I ran around dropping my iron daggers I crafted in Dragonsreach,

the place where the Jarl of Whiterun lives, and a guard came up to me telling me to stop dropping all of my weapons.


The game has so much content, it can take upward of 300 hours to complete most of it. This game has so much jammed into it, you

could play it for years and still find something new. Not only that, the game developers are already making DLC and, if you got the game

for PC like me, you can download player made content, or mods. The game also has many factions to join. Would you like to join

the Stormcloaks and take down the empire? Or would you prefer to hunt werewolves with The Silver Hand? So many choices, one

playthrough isn't enough. There are also many achievments. Even for PC users, theres a ton of Steam achievments. Also, instead of

the original 20 voice actors for Oblivion, Skyrim has over 70 voice actors. In my adventure so far, I have never come across two people

with the same voice.

Overall, I give the game an (almost) unbiased rating of 9.9/10, or 99%. This game has exceeded my expectationsm and I recommend

buying it, for it is well worth the money. Thank you for reading my reveiw. Hopefully if you haven't already thought of buying this game, you

are now. I want to share this awesome experience with everyone.


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I haven't checked anything of skyrim all I did was play the previous games and I listened to the Skyrim soundtrack, I repeated it 1000 times. I will get the game soon I think it's only 1 more week. I know it's going to be epic I just dunno wether to get it for the PC with mods or to get it on the PS3 for easier playing and Huge screen and epic sound ? My computer can definitly play skyrim on good graphic qualities maybe even the highest im not sure till I tried but I just loved the Elder Scrolls on the PS3. What do you think ?

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Morpheel the Wise
Posts: 55

  Im my opinion, I prefer PC. My computer can't even run it with high graphics, only medium, and I still am glad

I got it for PC rather than PS3. Sure, you may get better sound and stuff, but with mods, you get more content. That means

you can enjoy the game for FAR longer than you could with a console. Also PC has better graphics, if it can handle it. Its easier

to aim with a mouse (or atleast for me it is). You can also get patches to fix the bugs in the game.


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What are your PC specs?

Will my '2.6HGz i7 quad (sandybridge), 6GB DDR3 RAM, GeForce GT540m' notebook be able to run it?

Also, I'm picking up Skyward Sword today, gonna try emulating it this weekend so I can play it HD 1080p :P .

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