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Hello everybody! good evening :-)

I have been pondering some thoughts, and have come to a recent conclusion.

I do not think the map is as pretty as it should be. Time for a long lecture!


When people join the server, they see a small, nice town, resembles the somewhat middle ages. A little close to that they see empty houses, creeper holes, etc.

When I join a server, I don't want to see the real world. I want to be in a place totally different than the one I am already in.

Picture a huge island.. or a chain of large ones. Picture forests that reach up into the sky! Picture huge mountains, large bridges..

All of this can be possible in the next map change.

I pondered these places while making a trailer for the server. I figured if I'm putting in the hard work for it, the map would totally ruin all of it. Here are some reasons why the current map is horrible:

  1. Ruins everywhere, no matter where you go
  2. Too realistic, I'd personally imagine a place to "escape"
  3. Creeper holes everywhere you go
  4. Half cut down trees
  5. The map just isn't that attractive.

I'd personally like a fantasy map, unless you all are into that modern-today stuff.No, not like rainbows, or ships in the sky.

I'd like to have huge mountains, with gaping gulches that only a huge bridge could pass. I'd like to have a huge forest, with hundreds of trees that reach up into the sky. Reasons why a map change in this direction would be great:

  1. Eye-candy almost everywhere you go
  2. Something to "escape" yourself into.
  3. New rules with the half eaten trees, and become more strict
  4. Kingdoms, huge mountains, forests to live in. No forests - trees that are only 5 blocks high.
  5. Total hardcore map to show off a trailer with.

This would not take very long to accomplish at all. Nothing can bloom unless you have a great base for a server.. in my opinion it's the map that could do some serious revamping. Thanks for your time! :) Please consider with much reason.

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I do agree our current map lacks the feeling of 'epicness' that a MC world should display.

The map was thought to temporary, became permanent, so we moveded the spawn to a place that is way better than the last, but its still no comparison to say, the old Imperial city (as for first impressions go when you visit a server).

After MC 1.0 is out, and IF we decide to whipe the map (that GOTTA be the last time for a very long while), we should open a thread where we can post different seeds and discuss possiblities before we choose a map.

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