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Hello all,

In recent days alot of arguements have been going on between myself and a few of the players, I would like to apologize completley for them especially to other users/newcommers who have had the displeasure of seeing the posts, this is not how the server should be running. Two servers have been merged there is bound to be personality clashes and differences however everyone should atleast be treated with respect for being human atleast, everyone deserves respect.

Amacken had no right to accuse me of hacking or insulting me, me and Ort work equally so giving one more respect is totally wrong. OrtwinS fully backs me up on all that I say here, it is time people do accept Taintedcraft and Morphcraft are just names and should never be used in vien, The server is now Eoncraft, everyone who plays is now a member of eoncraft, so let's just get along? Everyone has different play-styles so remember what the server stands for and let them do what they enjoy without insulting them for what they want to do.

So I urge of everyone to be nice and play the game in harmony, there will always be disputes but that is life. Let us just try and get along to make the server much more pleasant.

- Matt


November 8, 2011 at 12:30 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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I second this.

In fact, without Mat I would have stopped running a server.

I COULD tell you all to treat Mat with the same respect as you would me, but  I wont. Because you are all expected to be mature and you don't need me to tell you how to treat someone who does so much work for the server as Mat does.

As for amacken, he pushed it way to far, acused people without any shred of evidence.

I studied the chat logs carefully, and Amacken deservers the multiday ban he gets (we will be seeing him next weekend again).

I 'could' link to these conversations right now, but I believe doing so will only start the next endless discussion, let it be sufficient to say that he deservers what he gets.

edit: things got arranged differently, to my greater satsfaction.

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I agree.... I don't want to invite more people to the server if there are many arguements.... I've talked to Deacon97(one of my friends i invited) and he agrees with me


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I'm not sure what to add I mean Matt and Ort are very honest people and you should listen to what they say. Everyone deserves the same amount of respect and seriously I don't know how people can say that Morphcraftians or Taintedcrafters are "United against" the other because I don't even know who was from wich server !

Sorry I always make these long messages but people should just understand what it's like to be in someone else his position.

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Im am not continuing this but, i wasnt the only person that should be getting all the blame.I dont personally believe i deserve a multiday ban as i apologised for my wild behaviour twice. Before and after i was banned. I shall no longer continue this, as i know i did wrong and its now the past. Let us all just forget it. Thank you


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I agree aswell. I treat everyone with the same ammount of respect. The only reason I am playing on the server is that i like all the people who play on the server even if they are new, vets, mods or admins.

I would really love to give more back to the server really would. But the financial part of my life isn't all that great. And so many of my project for the people of the server during my days in morphcraft have fallen on my face (regardless of reason). I really want to have a good time on eoncraft.

And I hope everyone feels the same way. I mean we all just are playing the game for fun right?


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