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After the recent events (past 24 hours) I will apologize myself for the part I played, I do admit for over-reacting and not fully explaining my side, I hope that everyone will forgive me, AbsolvedCrypt in perticular. we did go hunting for Abs yes in the spirit of factions and Role-play when Hastings died I teleported To him and in a split second managed to get to where he died other than to the Istari spawn wich I expected to get to, I am sorry for not explaining my side of the arguement. Absolved, I do sincerly apoligize for temp banning you and have now unbanned you for my foolishness, I hope you will forgive me.

Now will everyone please just accept that TaintedCraftRP and morphcraft have merged into one server, where you came from before is irrelevant it is one server with one communtiy so try to leave in peace and harmony and keep it that way for say... an eon? And again Sorry.


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I feel like I also must post here. I apologize to Absolved Crypt for making any hurtful posts yesterday. I also apologize to him for having to exchange hurtful messages last night. I'm sorry if I hurt you, but some of the things that you said about us were also very hurtful. I apologize to anyone elso who found my posts hurtful or overreacting.

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I apologize and hope we can all get along.


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