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Okay I had this great idea I was gonna have fun I finished my projects and I have a really cool and big next one so I run off. I cross 2 desserts well actually its one but with a little forest in the middle. So I feel really happy and I see the end of the dessert, a little green swamp with trees but OMG WTF $%#$ #$#$%! !!!!!!! 

I thought I read everything on the forums and I know you might have said in 1.7 that we limit the area but then you said we are changing the map when 1.9 is coming. Guess what I repeat your own words: "We wont get 1.9". But are we keeping this map ? You can just worldedit to get the snow ..

So my question is: Are we changing this edge ? 

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Shame I cant delete this topic I had 10 minutes only :)

Well thanks OrtwinS !

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The border is recentered at new spawn, and it has a 3000 block diameter, I'm sure we can manage :P

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