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I have to say a couple of thingss.

Why would you not like the merge? we get more people and more help, we also got more help with keeping this server?

Who cares if the world got erased before? We got a chance to redo things we wished we never did. a new place where we can call home.

For those of you who hate the merge and hate the new world then i think you guys need to think about it some more and then realize what i said was true. OrtwinS and Matt are just people like me and you and sometimes they need help. so they thought it could help them by have two brains instead of one!


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Sean mac elwain
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I don't know Mand I don't think Matt's brain count's as one...



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we need the world expanded because atm its too small for all of us:lol:


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I think the merge is great :D Ort and Matt made the right choise in my opinion.


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