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Everyone plesae comment here to show that we have the best server owners there is!

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Sean mac elwain
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I would but I don't know about OrtwinS...

(I am just bored of making fun of Matt. :P No offence Ort I just have to pick on someone lol)



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I have to agree, But Eoncraft is:

Laggy as shit

Monsters are 10x harder

You cant use most of the old Morphcraft commands

And i think there are going to be SOO many changes 

I think I quit for this Server.


My creeper girl friend had a bad lisp..... and not to mention temper 

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the lag can and will be fixed.

the monsters got harder on morphcraft as well when we went to 1.8

the old commands should mostly work, (I accidentally broke homes, and fixed it again)

'soo many changes'? no, just a better chest protection system, wich I was planning on morphcraft anyway, and an improved system for races and skills (no more 'jobs and skills') wich will encourage more teamwork and more mid-term planning (there is no such thing as long-term in MC)

October 16, 2011 at 2:56 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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It's gotten a lot better, it was just laggy the first night. If you're really quiting now, you're missing out.

When you say ," You cant use most of the old Morphcraft commands" I am guessing you are meaning the magic plugin. Orwins is adding a brand new magic plugin that will blow the old one away.


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