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1.2 update progress

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 8:30 AM

Hi all, here are some quick notes on the 1.2 update progress.

1) There is a beta version for our server software, this is considered semi-stable, but its up to the plugin devs if they will update for this or not.

2) Almost no plugins have updated for 1.2 yet, though most of them have been keeping up with the last fixes, so there is a decent chance they still work (but that will require time-consuming testing, we'll get back at that)

3) the following plugins will most certainly NOT work, for various reasons

- no temp bans (only permanent... so you better behave!)

- Shops

- Mob-bounties (needs an urgent update) found an alternative! and this one is updated with the latest mobs

- no multiworld teleportation (though that can be circumvented, the actual plugins that provide the multiworld probably still work)

This was just a quick let-you-know we are on top of things, we'll run tests & monitor the situation closely.

(PS, the arena and spleef plugins HAVE been updated already :D ;)

Wednesday 7th test results: Testing on local server with basic plugin setup, got some errors, too little time tonight, testing will resume tomorrow morning.

Thursday report: Yay, the test server now is plugin-capable, and I put a few basic ones in place. Be aware the server itself is running on beta software, and half of the plugins are early releases as well, bugs are bound to be present (lava-firespread protection doesn't work for example).

fridag/saturday notes: OrtwinS has a concert to give, plus all the mumbojumbo around it. little to no time to work on the server.

sat 17th: Basic security is in place, but having trouble finding a perfect spawn spot...

Old server has been shut down for deconstruction.

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Reply dmgadelha
3:08 PM on March 5, 2012 
Sounds good... our main plug-ins shouldn't take much long I guess...

question is: Should we start the final server without some of our minor plug-ins and get them working when they get released OR... we wait one or two more weeks to start with everything? (people are really anxious to start)

Anyways... If you need help testing stuff, let me know and I'll be online.

Reply Sceptin
10:21 PM on March 5, 2012 
I'd love to see it sooner rather than later. If we could have just the main plug-ins on the server with the map we will be using, and putting the other ones on when they're done, I'd be happy :D But if not...I'll just keep waiting (im)patiently ;)
Reply Nitemare24
10:00 PM on March 6, 2012 
Matt and Ort I'll be a lab-rat if you need one.

If you make a experimental server and it's for Hamachi, I have that also so yeah.

Reply OrtwinS
7:35 AM on March 8, 2012 
Random awesomeness: Waterfalls in venuzuela, so high that the water isn't even 'splashing' down.
(dont forget to try the different viewpoints, you can also look arund 360 degrees and zoom)