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EonCraft and MC 1.2

Posted on January 29, 2012 at 1:50 PM

Hello everyone,

As we are you sure you all know allready MC 1.2 will come with a few significant changes, including a new jungle biome and jungle specific mobs.

We tried to make the 1.0 map a permanent map, to build  some great monuments, but then a select group of players truned it into a mess.

Our current map is corrupt.

The past few months we temp-banned two players for xraying, apparently this was not enough a warning, and we had to perm-ban another 3(!!!) regular players (Curliefries, dum_bum, and koop) for xraying.

Therefore we decided that 1.2 would be a good oppertunity to start anew. The spawn envirionment will be copied over, but all chests and items wil be deleted (including valuable blocks).

Since some players have proven that given trust will be betrayed :(, we will install heavier security measures as well.

Note that from the 1.2 update on connecting to EonCraft with a modded client may result in a game crashes due to the increased security.

We HIGHLY recommand using only vanilla clients or the SpoutCraft client (the latter also adds extra cool features on our server!).

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