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Server Update Progress

Posted on December 13, 2011 at 8:05 AM

Hi all!

I'll edit this post to keep you all up to date on the server update progress.

We are running offline test servers as of now, you will be notified when the Main server goes offline for the true update!

We COULD finally update the server, because there now is a Recommended Build of the server mod we use (to make plugins work).

Unfortunately, a lot of pluigns have NOT been updated yet, and therefore we can NOT update with our full funcitonality intact.

If we were to update now, we would LOSE: 

- Secret anti-griefing measures

- Creative world

- All money related functions (money, shops, mob-bounties, can't buy protection-sponges)

- Chest protection (its updated but still in test phase)

- Factions (if we had this, we could update since it also provides basic chest protection)

- Books

- Telepads (only needed for creative<->survival transport)

- Movable bridges and gates

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