Survival & Creative Minecraft Server

Join us

This is a temporary place to post your application to join EonCraft.

To apply you MUST:


  • be 13 years of age or older
  • be mature
  • agree to the rules
  • be capable of reading and following instructions


note: do this right the first time, you probably wont get a second chance.

1. Read the server rules. Failing to do so will put your application in jeopardy.

2. Use the application template and create a new post in the Guestbook

If it's apparent you put zero effort into your app don't expect to be accepted.

3. Once done submitting your application, sign up to the website

After completion of these steps you can connect to the server and hang out some time (eoncraft.zapto.org)

Application Template:

 Failing to follow this template will prove that you are incapable of reading and following instructions.

  1. IGN: My name is ...
  2. RL Age:
  3. How long have you played Minecraft?
  4. How often do you play?
  5. Play style (for example: pvp, building, traps,roleplay, fun&games, cave exploration, adventure, redstone&engineering etc.):
  6. Where did you hear about us?
  7. Have you ever griefed?
  8. Do you agree to follow the rules?
  9. According to our rules, what kind of sense are you expected to have on this server?
  10. Can you provide any links to photos or videos of things you built before? (if you can, please post those links here)
  11. Is there anything else you would like us to know?


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